Portfolio of Projects

I would summarize myself as an energetic, enthusiastic, get it done type of person. Professionally my goals are to always learn and to continually face the next challenge ahead. I am a mobile developer working to broaden the reach of technology within the world. My focus is on projects that improve the lives of people within our community through, education, convenience, and innovation.

Code Sample – iOS/Swift

This repo is intended to provide a code sample, developed in the Coordinator pattern; also called MVVM-C. This is a living repo and will change from time to time. Feel free to take a look, pull the code and examine it for yourself. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

My Role – Sole Developer

Sample App on Github


The Pond5 mobile video editor provides a fun and performant way to quickly develop short, custom videos using your own media or media from the Pond5 library.

My role – Lead iOS Developer

Pond5 on the AppStore


GoSpotCheck provides a performant data collection tool for product and brand reps in the field.

My role – iOS Developer

GoSpotCheck on the AppStore


The Parkifi app provided a one of a kind experience that helped guide users to local parking in the Denver area and worked to reduce parking congestion.

My Role – iOS Developer

Sadly, Parkifi is no longer with us . . .

Project Travel / Via TRM

The Via TRM, originally Project Travel is a one of a kind support system for study abroad students.

My role – Rails Developer


CPLA Digital Learn

The Digital Learn project is a custom solution for the Chicago Public Library Association that was developed to provide a public tool for adult induction into 21st century skills surrounding the used of computers and devices.

My role – Rails Developer


Project Outcome

Project Outcome is a custom outcomes measurement tool developed to support the Public Library Association.

My Role – Rails Developer



Corey is an extremely capable and talented engineer. He has a deep understanding and working knowledge of software development practices and design principles. As an iOS developer he marries this natural talent with an equally deep understanding of the Apple ecosystem to develop and deploy highly performant and scalable apps. He is a voice for the user, and cares deeply about the quality of product he is building. I greatly enjoyed working with him and hope to do so once again in the future.

Sam Napolitano – Chief Technology Officer at Pond5

Corey is among the most responsible, adult, and dependable engineers I’ve ever worked with. He’s self-starting, self-directed, and self-motivated. He’s 100% capable of working on his own, though he’s an eager – and egoless – collaborator. I worked with Corey for about a year and I was delighted with his innovativeness and trustworthiness. Without a doubt I would recommend him for your team, or poach him for my own.

Willy Volk – Senior Product Manager at Chewy